TRAINING ADDICTS is one of the most sought after adult training companies in the industry. Our relationships and connections allow us to put your training needs into action. Customize your training requirements to suit your business and budget. 


Now more than ever, learners and companies are turning to e-learning.  They recognize its effectiveness, its convenience and unquestionable cost savings. TRAINING ADDICTS utilizes a global platform Learning Management System (LMS) used by thousands of large and small companies, schools and on-line trainers. This enables a complete virtual classroom where learner and teacher can communicate through on-line discussions, webinars, email and text.

  • Convenience of on-line testing
  • Instant learning tracking of student
  • Learn from home
  • Learn at your own pace


TRAINING ADDICTS can come to you and provide in-house training for you and your staff. How do you know if in house training is for you?  If you can answer yes to any of the questions below, perhaps you need on-site facilitation.

  • Do you need a trainer to develop and facilitate your own training plan?
  • Do you need an un-biased professional review of your instructors?
  • Do you need an invigilator onsite to monitor tests?
  • Do you need a facilitator for case studies or focus groups?


TRAINING ADDICTS is a small and very talented service.  I know how hard it is to start up a project or business because I have done it myself.  Yes, this is your business but you may not have the time, skills or confidence to create an essential webstie. Using Social media tools is necessary to promote and sell your products, services and ideas that will virtually guide your customers to you.

  • Create a profesional looking logo
  • Obtain a ".com" address for your business
  • Create a clean web site that will work across all platforms
  • Train you on how to manage your site so you can take control of your own business
  • Assist with social network applications to streamline your site theme across multiple platforms